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To cooking school …

Definitions of some terms that you will find in the Menu


Dop:   Is a trademark of the legal protection of the designation given by the EU to foods whose quality characteristics depend primarily or exclusively from the territory in which they were produced.              


Burrata:Burrata is a fresh cheese of buffalo milk and / or cow, spun dough, similar to mozzarella but the texture is much softer and filamentous, produced in Murgia, particularly in Andria its place of origin and in various areas of Puglia of Campania and Lazio.


Caviale Kaluga Amur: The Kaluga Amur comes from the eggs of a hybrid species of sturgeon, ie the female and male Acipenser Huso Dauricus Schrenkii. The preferred caviar normally consists of large eggs and crisp, clear color with shades of green and a final taste of hazelnut.


Il gazpacho: In Spain, the gazpacho (pronounced gazpàcio) is a cold soup made of raw vegetables, very popular during the summer in warm regions such as Andalusia. The main ingredients are traditionally peppers, tomatoes, cucumbers and onions, enriched from time to time with different herbs. Inevitable stale bread softened in water, which makes the mixture creamy, our restyling is in addition to a fine of meringue with Maldon salt. The dish is eaten cold anyway, sometimes even with ice cubes.

Baccalà Lomo: Made from only cod "Gadus morhua" fished exclusively for love in the Faroe Islands. After the capture is immediately gutted on board. Salty for three months minimum and desalted with pure water at a constant temperature between 0 ° and 2 °. This cod does not have the presence of Anisakis any of preservatives and dyes. The main feature of this appears to be due to the compactness of the fish Codest specific treatments all-natural.

Spaghetti trafilati in oro: It is obtained by grinding grain with a stone grinder, mixed with water from the Gran Sasso and dried in air, hanging on bamboo poles. Subsequently, other methods of drying are experienced through the use of "dressing", with current fans and heat sources to create a constant temperature

After taking the form through bronze dies, the dough is made ​​still dry inside the dressing room furniture (ovens), slowly at low temperature - between 45 and 50 ° C - with a duration of up to three days in according to the sizes according to the ancient technique of "pre-packing", so as not to alter the characteristics of the raw material and conform to the natural process of fermentation.

The drawing in gold gives a different texture to the pasta, refined and elegant, able to enhance the taste of the partners - sauces - and donate to the pasta itself a fresh and strong personality that blends harmoniously with any seasoning. The drawing in gold adorns one of the main ways ... the taste.


Riso Acquerello: Watercolor is the Carnaroli rice "Extra" unique in the world. The corn is first aged raw yet, then refined and slowly reintegrated with its precious gem. They are just the aging process, and gemmatura working to make this rice tastier, richer and healthier is also recognized by gourmets most famous as the world's number one rice. The raw rice, before being turned into white rice is aged in silos at a controlled temperature of less than 15 °. Acquarello rice assumes a qualitative adjustment that gives a better grip while cooking by increasing the absorption capacity of the seasonings.